Stránka pozastavena z důvodu stížnosti na zneužítí autorských práv

Znění stížnosti:

Without Prejudice

Dear Sir/Madam,
Re: Notification regarding Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights

We are writing on behalf of our client The Cartoon Network, Inc. ("TCN") ( Please find attached a letter of authority) , the owner of all trademark and service mark rights in the mark RICK AND MORTY (the "Mark") . TCN has used the Mark to identify its popular animated series since at least as early as 2013 and has controlled the nature and quality of goods and services using the Mark throughout this time period. TCN owns numerous trademark registrations for the Mark around the world.
In addition, TCN is the owner of the copyrights for its popular series Rick and Morty and all characters appearing therein (hereinafter, collectively the “Works”). The US copyright registration number for Rick and Morty is VA 2-104-216. Examples of the Works can be seen here:

Your website is unlawfully use our client's copyright and trademark. Therefore, we demand that you will take down your website.